A Day's Outing ~ Get Out And Go ~

A Day's Outing ~ Get Out And Go ~

All in all, I wouldn't call it a bad outing. 
It was a short outing.

patricia, vannessa and amira:)

her name is patricia..

me, while waiting my friends to buy her thing..

take r picture in front the switch shop at The Spring..

here we are ..


the crazy of US... hahaha...

my bestiee everr..

our noob face.. huhu..

steadyyyy yooo...

happy face of us..

we just trying to say,
HUH , WHAT ? take picture again..

love <3 ..

from the left side~ patricia, abby and mira..

                                                  Pretty girl ever... uisehh

the end,, LEPAKING at BIG APPLE ..
get out and goooooooooooo~~

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