Labuan "Pearl of the South China Sea" is a former British Colony and is located some 
8 kilometers off the coast of Sabah. 


Sara Hotel, Labuan.. 


The Chimney It is a 106-foot high red brick structure and is Labuan's most well-known landmark which is linked to the coal mining days of Labuan. It was built from 1847 to 1912 under the British rule during the coal mining era of Labuan. The actual purpose of the chimney is still a mystery but archaeological study found no traces of smoke. The structure has become an intriguing mystery that fascinates visitors.


Labuan Marine Museum This museum preserves the precious marine heritage of Labuan. Conceptualised after a ship, visitors exposed to myriad aquariums displaying all kinds of marine life. Visitors are free to feel some of the marine life on display.



War Memorial This War Memorial is dedicated to 3,908 Australian, New Zealand, Indian and British servicemen who lost their lives during World War II. Every year on the 11th of November a Commemoration known as 'Remembrance Day' is held to honour the lives of the valiant men who fought during the war. This memorial is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graved Commission.


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